Anatoly Vorobey (avva) wrote,
Anatoly Vorobey

дефективный йети

Очень смешной и хороший веблог (на английском языке, однако):

Defective Yeti

Среди текущих записей есть много хороших, но также советую зайти на страницу лучших записей (с точки зрения автора) и читать подряд.

Я его несколько дней назад открыл, а сегодня вспомнил потому, что в газете прочитал о том, как в очередной раз какие-то политики обвиняют других политиков в политиканстве. Мне такие "обвинения" всегда особенно противны. И вспомнилась забавная запись у дефективного йети, пародия как раз на это:
Politicians Accuse Politicians of Playing Politics With Politics

Politicians in Washington D.C. today denounced other politicians for using political issues for political gain. "The politicalization of politics has got to stop," railed one such politician. "The manner in which my opponents are turning political issues into politics smacks of partisanship." The criticized politicians, meanwhile, pointed out that the accusing politicians were politically motivated politicians, whose charges of political politicalization were made in a conspicuously political way. "The American people will see through this blatant attempt to play politics with the politics of politics-playing," predicted one. While no one knows which party will come out ahead in this public relations skirmish, it is clear that both groups are profoundly stupid.
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