Anatoly Vorobey (avva) wrote,
Anatoly Vorobey

ещё немного англ. поэзии

Вот ещё один стих со вчерашней лекции. Его автор - американский поэт Том Диш (Tom Disch). По-моему, очень хороший.

A Bookmark

Four years ago I started reading Proust.
Although I'm past the halfway point, I still
Have seven hundred pages of reduced
Type left before I reach the end. I will
Slog through. It can't get much more dull than what
Is happening now: he's buying crepe de chine
Wraps and a real, well-documented hat
For his imaginary Albertine.
Oh, what a slimy sort he must have been —
So weak, so sweetly poisonous, so fey!
Four years ago, by God! — and even then
How I was looking forward to the day
When I'd be able to forgive, at last,
And to forget Remembrance of Things Past.

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