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листая сексуальные архивы

Какой, оказывается, интересный журнал -- Archives of Sexual Behaviour! В каждом номере есть что-нибудь интересное. Часто интересное начинается уже с названия: The relation between sexual orientation and penile size (Jun 1999).

Но особенно мне понравилась статья Comparison of men's and women's attempts to dissuade sexual partners from the couple using condoms (Aug 2001). Она рассказывает о результатах исследования, в процессе которого тысяча американских студентов и студенток были опрошены о "подходах", которыми они пользовались, чтобы уговорить партнёра не пользоваться презервативом -- или наоборот, которые применялись к ним (слово "подход" не совсем точно передаёт английское line, о чём см. мой вопрос в ru_translate).

Дальше под элжекатом следуют некоторые отрывки из статьи, а также примеры этих самых "подходов" в отдельной таблице. Всё по-английски. Осторожно, sexually explicit material.

Сводка результатов опроса:
Nearly 14% of women and nearly 17% of men who had engaged in sexual intercourse admitted to having actively tried to dissuade a partner from the couple using condoms. 30% of the men and 41% of the women said that a sexual partner had tried to dissuade them. Attempts to dissuade partners from the couple using condoms were most common among students who reported having 10 or more lifetime sexual partners. For both men and women, the most frequently employed categories of verbal strategies were (1) sex feels better without a condom, (2) will not get pregnant, and (3) will not get a sexually transmitted disease. These three categories accounted for about three-fourths of the lines used.
Мне особенно нравится разрыв между процентами "уговаривал/а сам/а" и "уговаривали меня". Похожий разрыв наблюдается ниже между процентом успеха "своих" уговоров и процентом успеха попыток уговорить себя.

Об опросе:
Participants in the survey were undergraduate students enrolled in a human sexuality course at a large, southern, urban, state university. The freshman-level course has no prerequisites and a very large enrollment, thus potentially is taken by a cross section of entering students at the university. Of the 954 students that participated in the survey, most were young (71.0% were under 21), single (91.8%), heterosexual (96.2%), Catholic (55.3%), and Caucasian (54.1 %) or African-American (29.7%). Sexual orientation was self-defined. The large proportion of Catholics is representative of the greater metropolitan area population.
A questionnaire developed by the authors was administered during class time to all students who were in attendance. Although students were informed that they did not have to participate, the compliance rate was 99.6%. The survey was completed anonymously, and in addition to the demographic items, included questions about whether or not the student had engaged in sexual intercourse, number of lifetime sexual partners (defined in verbal instructions as sexual intercourse), and percentage of sexual interactions in which condoms were used (for first sexual intercourse with a new partner and for all experiences of sexual intercourse). Those students who were sexually experienced were then asked whether or not (a) they had "ever used a 'line' (statement) to keep a potential sex partner from using condoms," and (b) anyone had ever "used a 'line' (statement) on you to keep you from using a condom." "Line" was defined as a direct verbal statement. In both cases, the participants were asked to write all the lines they recalled and to rate how successful the lines had been (1 = always, 2 = most of the time, 3 = sometimes, 4 = never). The importance of giving honest responses was emphasized to the students before they began. As had been done throughout the course, classroom behavior was strictly enforced (e.g., no talking) during the survey.


Примеры "подходов":


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