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  • Интересный и часто смешной веблог, полностью состоящий из фраз и разговоров, подслушанных на улицах, в кафе, в магазинах итп. девушкой, живущей в Беркли. Очень рекомендуется. Я как-то потерял к нему ссылку очень давно и долго не мог вспомнить, как называется, и найти, а сегодня наткнулся случайно опять.
  • Приз за самое странное имя получает вебсайт (We Made Out In A Tree And This Old Guy Sat And Watched Смешные цитаты и ссылки неровного качества, есть хорошие.
  • Ни дня без слова. Сегодняшнее моё слово: pooh-bah.
    Подсмотрено здесь.
    Ещё хорошие письма из этой рассылки: 2, 11, 20, 27, 44, 45. On second thought, let me just paste them all here:

    Subject:  obvious (#1)

    this was said by a woman down the hall from me who holds a Ph.D. in immunology:

    "You know, it's always the case that there are things that if I don't remember to do them, I forget."

    for this i give her an honorary Ph.D. in neurology.

    Subject:  But what about Camus?

    A Saturday night not long ago, Prince Street at West Broadway, a youngish guy in a long leather coat, into his cell phone, passionately:

    "Yeah? Well Sartre was a DICK."

    Subject:  two girls on a train

    deep thoughts about hanging out......
    "When it's fun, then I have fun but when it's not fun, I have to be funny to have fun."

    later on one of the women pulls some hand lotion out of her bag....

    "I really thought this was a scent that i would like......crystal blue water."

    crystal blue water? to me that's a fancy way of saying fragrance free.

    Subject:  Guest Posting

    From Andrew Beaujon, who works in midtown at Spin magazine.
    This is really funny if you try and visualize it.
    I was walking by a residential building near my office; the doorman was standing outside on his own, saying "I am so fucking high" in a strange,whispery high voice.

    Subject:  Godspeed you, Multitask Girl

    The quote itself was unremarkable:

    "Can't talk right now, I'm having lunch"

    It was the way she said it - cell phone unit strapped to head, bowl of noodles or possibly sashimi in one hand, chopsticks in the other, barrelling past my bike on rollerblades.

    Subject:  quote of the day

    technically this happened in sf, but it's SO funny!

    while walking down the street, two homeys passed me just as i was checking the time on my watch. one of them called out to me:

    YO! what time is it, BITCH --i mean-- MISS!

    Subject:  The Channel Thirteen Elevator

    Crowded morning elevator/Hot June day
    1) A slight/polite Japanese woman conversing with
    2) a woman who works at Thirteen


    3) A sweaty Thirteen pooh-bah.

    The woman sees pooh-bah

    Woman: "Hi, pooh-bah, have you met *** (Japanese woman)
    Pooh-bah: "No, I don't believe we've met"
    Japanese woman: (quietly) "Oh yes we have. On 9/11 when we were all trying to get away, you took my cab outside of Grand Central Station."

    Uncomfortable silence

    Pooh-bah exits on his floor and as walking away loudly says
    "Well, I guess you can't get away with murder in this town."

  • Большая коллекция оцифрованных старых пластинок, из Национальной библиотеки Канады. В основном французские и английские записи первой половины 20-го века.

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