Anatoly Vorobey (avva) wrote,
Anatoly Vorobey

англоязычное чтиво-1

Попробую на этот раз с цитатами. Чтиво в основном англоязычное, но есть немного и по-русски.
  • Интересная статья о жене Оруэлла.
    She played the part of Mrs Orwell for all it was worth, only to discover in the end that it wasn't worth much to her. As she complained poignantly to her friend David Plante, after a party: ``I did it again. I put on my act, my widow of George Orwell act. Was I awful? Did they think I was a fool?''
  • Интересная анти-левая статья Паскаля Брукнера.
    It is remarkable, for example, how we evade contemporary tensions, even on our own territory, and delegate responsibility to the Americans, only to criticize them mercilessly thereafter. Whatever it does, whether it abstains or intervenes, America is always wrong. In the Middle East and elsewhere, Europe no longer wants to get its hands dirty, only to hold them out in a passionate appeal to all men and women of goodwill.
  • Длинное и очень интересное интервью с Каспаровым по поводу его 40-летия.
    But why last September did he go down to Judit Polgar, a mere woman? Ah, he says, Judit was exceptional; a Top 20 player. Her win does not negate the general principle that women are not generally capable of greatness at chess. We can either be “politically correct” and deny this, or else seek an explanation.
  • Заметка об умных мышах в Nature.
    Wood mice fashion portable signposts from bright leaves and shells when they explore fields for food, a new study suggests.

    This is the first time that animals other than humans have been found to use moveable landmarks.

  • Фонд "Без Наркотиков". Они отлавливают наркодилеров и сдают их в милицию.
  • Объяснение основных принципов и терминов французской версификации, по-французски. Полезная страница. В частности, объясняется (не во всех подробностях, как я понял), какие немые e считаются за слоги, какие — нет.
  • Длинное и подробное объяснение структуры фильма Mulholland Drive.
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