Anatoly Vorobey (avva) wrote,
Anatoly Vorobey

об африканской философии

Интересное интервью с африканским философом Kwasi Wiredu.

Судя по всему, Wiredu считается "модернистом", смеющим полагать, что африканской культуре есть чему поучится в философии у проклятого колонизаторского Запада. В своём интервью он почти с самого начала вынужден защищаться от подобных обвинений, и объяснять, что его, мол, неправильно поняли, он вовсе не предлагает перенимать западную философскую традицию, а всего лишь совместить её с гордыми африканскими корнями. А корни вполне ничего себе:
[...] I said that Africans have their own traditional philosophies, and in the case of the Akans it comes out very clearly, e.g. in Abraham's "Mind of Africa", that we have our own traditional philosophers which, in terms of the scope and relevance, do not concede anything to the traditional philosophies of the Western world.
Если они "do not concede anything", зачем же тогда он изучает Фреге и Виттгенштейна? — логично удивляется его собеседник, и Wiredu объясняет: оказывается, есть такая небольшая проблема: в Африке, конечно же, хватало своих великих философов, которые ни в чём не уступали западным, только вот они ничего не записывали, поэтому нам теперь их наследие получить несколько затруднительно:
We must have had original philosophers who had their own ways of argumentation and everything. But because their thought was not written down, I said it was going to be one of the important tasks of our research to go into the thought of these people and record it. [...] folk-philosophy (i.e. the pooling-together of basic conclusions of a people), is not all we have and that we still have people in our tradition who are real philosophers in the sense that they have original ideas. These philosophers do not just repeat the popular thought; they have their own ideas. But the tragedy is that, of course, these were mostly not written down.
Одна из важных оригинальных африканских традиций - демократия, причём не какая-нибудь, а лучше западной, которую злые колониалисты пытались навязать африканцам:
I think that trying to find a way of basing a democracy on consensus, as a principle drawn from African tradition, leads to a form of democracy which is superior to the kind of democracy that I observe in America, for example. This is an extremely important political project. It is also a project of self-definition, of identity. I am saying that if we look carefully at our own political tradition, then we shall see that consensus was frequently an essential factor of politics. And even though we cannot use exactly the same basis of representation that was used in traditional times, if we are keen to exploit that great procedure in our politics (i.e. decision by consensus), then we will be doing something which is truer to ourselves than that which some people have been trying to compel us to do.
Профессор Wiredu, однако, это ещё ничего по сравнению с "традиционалистами", которые обвиняют его в продажности западу:
But there are Africans who tell me that if you do that, if you write about logic, about Frege and Russell etc., you are just participating in another culture, in another discourse, in the philosophy of another culture. And that's all there is to it, for them. They say that is not relevant to African culture. That is one big bone of contention between me and the people I would call "traditionalists".

Такие вот дела, дорогая редакция.
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