Anatoly Vorobey (avva) wrote,
Anatoly Vorobey

Кеннан о СССР

Интереснейший документ (за ссылку спасибо bbb): знаменитая "длинная телеграмма" (англ.) 1946-го года Джорджа Фроста Кеннана о послевоенной идеологии и намерениях СССР (о Кеннане можно здесь, например, прочитать). Вся телеграмма интересна, но процитирую небольшой отрывок:
Finally, it [the Soviet politicial force] is seemingly inaccessible to considerations of reality in its basic reactions. For it, the vast fund of objective fact about human society is not, as with us, the measure against which outlook is constantly being tested and re-formed, but a grab bag from which individual items are selected arbitrarily and tendenciously to bolster an outlook already preconceived. This is admittedly not a pleasant picture.
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