Anatoly Vorobey (avva) wrote,
Anatoly Vorobey


The BBI Combinatory Dictionary of English

Интересная штука; раньше мне не попадалась. Словарь полностью посвящён collocations.

Вот пример словарной статьи на слово damage:

I n. ['harm'] 1. to cause, do ~ to; to inflict ~ on
2. to suffer, sustain ~
3. to repair, undo ~
4.grave, great, extensive, irreparable, serious, severe;
lasting, permanent; light, slight; wide-spread ~
5. fire; flood; material; property; structural ~
6. brain ~ (irreversible brain ~)
7. ~ from (~ from the fire)
8. ~ to (was there much ~ to the car? the ~ done to the house
was extensive; grave ~ to one's reputation)
II v. 1. to ~ badly
2. easily ~d
n. ['compensation'] 1. to award ~ (the court awarded ~)
2. to claim; sue for ~
3. to pay;
receive, recover ~
4. compensatory; exemplary, punitive; nominal ~
5. ~ for
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