Anatoly Vorobey (avva) wrote,
Anatoly Vorobey

амер. политика (англ.)

Смешной супер-патриотичный список 10 преимуществ США перед другими странами.

Смешное обсуждение этого списка на Метафильтре.

Смешной коммент из этого обсуждения:
Beholder: what you can't get through that thick skull of yours is that celebrating any humanitarian effort, positive influence or cultural achievment on behalf of the US simply isn't fashionable. Don't you realize it's like eating veal chops at a hip San Francisco vegetarian joint? It simply isn't done. Foregoing irony for a moment and noting the positive apects of one's country is so totally bourgeois, man. Remember: it is never "dope" to like where you live, unless you weren't born there.

Now go litter your blog with one of these ultra-kool upside-down American flags, toss around the words Cabal and Imperialism a few times in the presence of hot chicks, sew a Che Guevara patch to your messenger bag, laugh smugly at the latest "Get Your War On" while sipping chai, make dopey comparisons between Bush & Hitler, construct awesome oversized puppets in your parents' garage bearing likeness to Bush & Blair, make out with your grrrlfriend to Radiohead, convince yourself MetaFilter is not an inverted Free Republic, shake, stir, wash, rinse, repeat.
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