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Длинная и очень интересная статья:
Piano Notes: Charles Rosen on the View from the Keyboard

О форме одежды музыкантов, о тишине во время концерта, о психологической границе между исполнителем и публикой, о внимании и невнимании, и ещё много о чём. Трудно охарактеризовать в двух словах это весьма интересное эссе. Я процитирую только один забавный абзац, но он ни в коем случае не характеризует всё эссе, и его стоит прочитать целиком.
HOW TO CONGRATULATE the pianist after a concert is also a specialised technique. Milton Babbitt had developed a large repertoire of the subtly noncommittal; a good sample was "You did it again!" The compliment offered to me by another pianist that perhaps gave me the greatest pleasure was one given after a concert in Paris; "Congratulations on your great success in New York!" (a recital that had been written up with two columns and a picture in Time magazine). The greatest formula of all had been developed by Nadia Boulanger [the great teacher of compostion], who, I am told, would come backstage, hold your right hand in both of hers, look you straight in the eye, and say, "You know what I think!" (Vous savez ce que je pense!)

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