Anatoly Vorobey (avva) wrote,
Anatoly Vorobey

буква эм (англ.)

Две истории о выпавшей букве "m", взяты с переводческой рассылки. Особенно вторая хороша.

In a sociological study of various generations, the client
writes (in Danish):

"The younger the generation, the clearer the tendency to
see it as desirable that more power be given to local

The mind boggled for a moment. (What sort of things go
on out in the countryside?) Until I realised that it was
*just* possible that the final two words, "lokale yndigheder",
should perhaps have been "lokale myndigheder", "local

Вторая, рассказанная другим участником рассылки в ответ на первую:

Ah. Well, some years ago we printed a new translation of the Book of Mormon in Spanish. One verse said "Los élderes ordenan presbíteros y maestros mediante la imposición de manos." There was an "m" missing. How many copies did we have to destroy? Don't ask. You couldn't have asked for a worse contretemps.

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