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три мушкетёра: сокращённый вариант - Поклонник деепричастий [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Anatoly Vorobey

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три мушкетёра: сокращённый вариант [май. 13, 2001|09:44 pm]
Anatoly Vorobey
Из замечательного сборника пародийных сокращённых вариантов классики: How to become ridiculously well-read in one evening.

Alexandre Dumas
The Three Musketeers

'... you can say what you like too many people let their minds sort of go to seed after a certain age the wife and I went to evening classes again last winter we took French literature and The Three Musketeers was the set piece by this fantastic writer Victor Hugo it seems he has this terrific output of plays and stories and books there was this boastful Garcon called D'Artagnan came to Paris and picked fights with these three musketeers Athos Porthos and Araminta anyway he became a musketeer himself and they all used to swagger through the streets of Paris shouting and singing and stabbing people it seems he was in a position to service the Queen and there was this vicious bitch Milady de Winter who killed the Duke of Buckingham and she got her come-uppance alright don't you worry and D'Artagnan was rewarded by the King what sort of puzzles me is why the book is called The Three Musketeers when there were four of them it was a mistake in translation from the original if you ask me and why were they called musketeers when all they used were these fantastic swords the whole course had a really terrific broadening effect on our minds and now we've got European literature out of the way next winter we're taking Chinese ceramics...'

автор: T.L.McCarthy