Anatoly Vorobey (avva) wrote,
Anatoly Vorobey

grouphug (англ.)

Центр анонимных признаний.

Процентов восемьдесят из них — про секс.

grouphug это такое непереводимое американское слово. Это такое терапевтическое средство, когда все обнимаются и жалеют друг друга, или сопереживают по какому-то поводу.

Несколько примеров с этого сайта:

  • I am a 23 year old male virgin. I haven't even had a girlfriend since 8th grade. I am not good at making "small talk" and I get nervous when I am around women that I am attracted to. I pretend to be interested in what they are saying but all I can think about is fucking their brains out.
  • I hate myself for not living up to my potential no matter how hard I try. I wish I would just stop screwing up and wasting everything that was given to me.
  • I stole a traffic cone.
    I can't wait to steal another.
  • After having dated this guy for almost two years who could never come from a blowjob, I went down on a guy I didn't even like just to prove to myself that I still had it.
  • I think about other guys
  • I dont have the heart to tell my boyfriend that he never gets me to orgasm
  • I like birdwatching better than having sex.
  • i got shitty grades in college but i tell everyone that i did well.
  • I fantasize about having being raped by a gay man.
  • I am the worst procastinator ever. I start studying for stuff the night before, and I always tell people I started studying a long time ago, just so they don't think I'm an idiot.
  • I usually wear a smile on my face and act happy, just like one should suppose to be, but on the inside I loath humanity and hopes that everyone will die and that humanity is cast into oblivion never to return.
  • I'm asian..and I hate asian food.
  • i (a man) once faked an orgasm because my partner was so bad at oral sex and they believed me.
  • my dad killed himself when i was young and it's never bothered me.
  • I told people at my school that I knew someone that died on 9/11 just so I could get sympathy/attention
  • i'm female and i have no idea how to masturbate.
  • I look at porn, even though it hurts my girlfriend's feelings. I try to stop it, but from time to time I don't want to but do it anyway. Afterwards I feel like the world worst person.
  • Earlier today I pretended I was sleeping to stop a taxi driver talking to me - really I wasn't even tired
  • I plagiarized. Really horribly. I was caught and later left school on my own will. Nearly 5 years ago. The shame and guilt never ends. Never.
  • When I have sex with my girlfriend I think of other girls.
  • I just called a guy I met at this club last night and asked him if he wanted to hang out and my hands are shaking really bad
  • The only reason i'm a fairly decent human being is because i'm a small, weak coward who is terrified of getting caught doing or saying something inappropriate.
  • One time as I was driving, I hit a parked car as I was going around the corner. I left a note that said "There are people watching, so I'm leaving this note to make sure they think I'm leaving you my info. This way they won't remember me"

    I think I got the idea from TV or a movie or something.
  • when i was 9 years old I told my parents and the Police that I had almost been kidnapped to get attention. The predator alert went on the News. It never happened.
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